My objective with this project was to explore some of the issues involved with making a digital musical instrument which is based on an existing acoustic musical instrument. I was interested to explore the balance between giving a faithful digital recreation of the experience of playing the acoustic instrument and taking advantage of the possibilities that become available when the interface and the sound it produces become decoupled as they are in a digital musical instrument.


I started studying electronic music last year in Concordia’s electroacoustic music composition program. My background is in jazz piano performance, so I was naturally drawn to live electronic music performance as a major field of interest, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that the interfaces available to me were inadequate for performing the kind of music I was learning about at Concordia. Read on

This Is Just One Voice – Studio 7 March 27th 2015

“This Is Just One Voice” was performed during Studio 7 at Concordia University, Montreal QC, on March 27th 2015 with four speakers surrounding the audience and the lights turned low.

The poetry for this piece was developed in collaboration with the users of Concordia’s Fine Arts Reading Room during my artist residency in February 2015. Gratitude to the Reading Room. Here is the text:

This is Just One Voice
by Travis West,
in collaboration with the users
of Concordia’s Fine Arts Reading Room

I invited people to abuse my gravity
but when many voices speak at once
their meaning tends to blur. Read on


Improvisation/∆Spaces is an comprovisational performance piece in three movements for laptop quartet and fixed media, composed by the CPU Quartet.

From our very first rehearsal we began with the idea of using the fixed media to simulate an acoustic space which we could inhabit as instruments. Discussion was had of experimenting with creating a network of signal paths between our laptops and the venue computer, possibly running convolution reverb in order to spatialize our point source instrumental sounds throughout the performance space. We considered taking primitive impulse responses of particularly reverberant spaces around Montreal to facilitate this. A simple narrative form was suggested where a spatio-morphological shift would take place transporting the performance from this indoor reverberant space to an open outdoor space. Read on

I Get a Hit (CFSW 2013)

I was privileged to be a part of the Ink Spot SLAM! Team from Calgary. Beside my teammates, I competed in Canada’s national festival of spoken word. This poem, I Get a Hit, was created during my time at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB, studying jazz piano.

Edit: I later used a short excerpt from this piece in an electroacoustic study, which I call “hKsszt“. My respect for anyone who can correctly identify which passage I used. Read on