Mine Cart

This has been the most ambitious project I’ve undertaken in this genre; I’ve used the software at my disposal more during this assignment than ever before. All of the effects and techniques that I hear below, I discovered while composing. I feel like I’ve learned a great deal about the possibilities of some of the software I own, but I know that there’s going to plenty more assignments to follow and stretch my knowledge further.

I spent most of the composition process building the individual sound objects — I made about twenty, and I had a difficult time piecing them together into a single composition. Eventually, I began experimenting with granular processing techniques. I ultimately used this technique as a common thread through the piece to give it a coherent progression. The other important decision I made was to limit my options more strictly. When I set aside the majority of the objects I’d made, as well as the majority of the source samples which had been recorded, the piece finally came together into what you can hear above.

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