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This Is Just One Voice – Studio 7 March 27th 2015

“This Is Just One Voice” was performed during Studio 7 at Concordia University, Montreal QC, on March 27th 2015 with four speakers surrounding the audience and the lights turned low.

The poetry for this piece was developed in collaboration with the users of Concordia’s Fine Arts Reading Room during my artist residency in February 2015. Gratitude to the Reading Room. Here is the text:

This is Just One Voice
by Travis West,
in collaboration with the users
of Concordia’s Fine Arts Reading Room

I invited people to abuse my gravity
but when many voices speak at once
their meaning tends to blur.
My one voice’s meaning
merely magnetic words clinging to a feeling,
so many voices coming stealing my words reeling—
where is I in this shifting sliding mess of readings?
My voice turned to so many voices’ dealings,
my magnetic words inverted polarity,
the I is dissipating in semantic disparity.

Words have weight and meaning automatically,
so that they fall to orbiting gravities,
every body with a spiralling trail,
its own comet’s tale,
every word a flying frailty
falling into atmospheres of aliens,
unknown memories and experiences
every word abused by foreign gravity,
semantic structures smuding as my meaning melts on entry.

As reader I try to reach a listener,
uncertain what I’m saying is signifying what I’m sending,
messages losing meaning in crashing conversation cacophony.

Where is I?

I invited people to abuse my gravity.

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