Tuesday Lab Experiment

This is a composition using only sounds from the Doepfer Modular system. Early electronic music appropriated lab equipment designed for physics and psychology experiments and turned it toward artistic ends. Over the years, the essential tools for analog electronic synthesis have largely remained the same: there are sources, and there are processors. What has changed is the tools have gotten smaller and more affordable, so that more musicians than ever can build complex electronic instruments from reconfigurable modules.

A piece in three movements, “Tuesday Lab Experiments” represents my exploration of some of the sonic possibilities of analog modular synthesis. In each one of the three movements, entitled Spectral Glow, Dance, and Storm, I navigate the sounds of the Doepfer modular system.

All of the sounds were first recorded while I was building the patches, configuring the modules into a new instrument for each movement. Later, these recordings were assembled and processed on the computer, allowing me to delve deeper into the sonic world of analog synthesis

Program Note for a Specialized Audience

In “Tuesday Lab Experiments”, I examine some conventional and some unconventional sounds using recordings of original patches for the Doepfer Modular system assembled and processed digitally.

The first movement explores feedback between a spring reverb and a self oscillating filter, a simple patch which generates self perpetuating textures.

The second movement celebrates the bizarre chirping of a filter which is overloaded with amplified feedback.

The third movement is a storm of granular clouds generated from the beat of the third movement and noise, and granular clouds generated from the first set of granular clouds.

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