Travis West

Travis West smiling sitting on stone stairs at the park in Autumn

Travis West is a multidisciplinary programmer, composer-performer, and musical instrument designer. His research explores the design of gestural interfaces, sound synthesis algorithms, and the mappings made between the two. These inquiries culminate in the creation of new digital musical instruments and interactive systems such as the body:suit:score, a full-body wearable vibrotactile musical score, and the mubone, a trombone-enabled digital-acoustic musical instrument made in collaboration with trombonist Kalun Leung. Travis completed his Bachelors in Electroacoustic Music Composition at Concordia University in 2017, and his Masters degree in Music Technology at McGill in 2020. He is currently pursuing a Ph. D. in cotutelle with McGill and the University of Lille on the subject of Music Technology and Computer Science, under the supervision of Dr. Marcelo M. Wanderley and Dr. Stephane Huot.

This website is currently under construction.

If you are looking for the online appendix to my "Making Mappings" series of publications, based on my MA thesis research, you will find it here